Why the corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeves’ quality control is important?

Sounds scary, the working environment in a corona treater is very strict. Dielectrics have to take highly frequent discharge, high temperature, high content of ozone, plasma-induced ion bombardment. Even the micro defect might cause the failure. Thus, the quality of corona treater sleeve has to be seriously controlled. You might do not know much about corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeve, please let me introduce to you the corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeve. Please purchase replacement corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeves from professional sleeve manufacturer rather than the treater manufacturer. Besides the treater manufacturer sell the sleeves more expensive, the quality might be not good. Then you might need to cost more on machine maintenance. We suggest do not only focus on the price rather ignoring the quality.

Basic knowledge of the corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeve

Corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeve manufacturing uses 100% virgin silicone rubber material. The corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeves are able to take -60℃ to 250℃ temperature. Orientflex can offer silicone corona treater sleeve for the wide ranges of applications. The corona reaer silicone fiberglass sleeves can be used in applying air, water, and oil medium to all kinds of rollers.

Silicone material has high tensile strength, excellent flexibility, wide revise hardness range, good anti-pull ability, ozone resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, and lube resistant. The size range of corona treater silicone hoses is from 1.5 inch to 10 inch. The common wall thickness is 2 to 3mm. Notes, 10% to the face length of the roller should be added to calculate the sleeve length. The sizes’ choice of the corona treater silicone fiberglass sleeves should be fit with the roller diameter range, we can provide the corresponding data sheet, welcome to contact us, we will provide to you.

Tips for cleaning treater sleeves

There are a few tips for cleaning the corona treater sleeves: You might consider silicone is water resistant, however the corona treater sleeves might be more hydrophilic after being used in a corona treatment. The hydrophilic characteristic will negatively affect the dielectric capacity until the heat drives out the moisture.

This is why if you use water to clean the silicone treater sleeves, the operating parameters might need to be reset. We recommend to use the specialized cleaner to clean for protecting the treater silicone fiberglass sleeve to serve a longer time. We are professionally manufacturer of silicone hoses and treater sleeves, if you have any requires, welcome to contact us.