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Spiral Hose Guard, also known as Spiral Hose Protector, is a product used to protect hose from external physical damage. It is designed with a special spiral structure to provide rugged external protection for hoses, effectively preventing damage to hoses from external forces, friction and environmental factors.

Product Details

Spiral hydraulic hose protector protects against abrasion, cuts, crushing, UV and various hazards which can destroy expensive hose and cable assemblies and cause output to suffer due to downtime. Larger sizes are used for both protection and bundling of multiple hose applications. Spiral Guard Wrap’s open spiral design allows for simple installation in the field, without the need to disconnect lines.

Material:PP (Polypropylene)

Temperature: -50℃ (-122 ℉ ) to +80℃ (+176 ℉ )

Spiral Hose Protector Specification

Spiral Hose Guard spc

Hose Spiral Guard Characteristic

High abrasion resistance

Resistant to acids, oils and solvents

UV and abrasion resistant, and unaffected by most solvents


For wrapping cables, wires, hoses or tubing

Protects against abrasion, tangling, chaffing and wire pull-out

Protect hose increases usable life of hose Recyclable

Excellent for use in temperature range from -50°C up to +80°C (continuous) / 100°C (short time)

Open spiral design allows for simple installation in the field, without the need to disconnect lines.

Spiral Guard Hose Protector Advantage

1. Good Wear Resistance
Increase wear resistance by 10%Increase flexibility by 20%
2. Strong impact resistance
Good Elasticity, Strong toughness also have anti-aging properties.
3. Protection from damage
Can help to protect hoses from damage caused by abrasion, impact, and corrosion.
4. Excellent price

Spiral Guard Hose Protector Application

The use of spiral hose protection is an economical and convenient method of protecting and extending the life of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, cables, wires and rope from premature wear. Spiral hose guards can also be used to protect other types of hoses and cables, such as water hoses, fuel hoses, and fiber optic cables.

 Spiral Hose Guard Application

Why Choose our Spiral Hose Protection Sleeve

  1. Quality Assurance
    Our plastic spiral hose guards are made of high-quality materials under strict quality control to ensure the reliability and durability of the products.
  2. Multiple specifications
    We offer a wide range of specifications and sizes of protectors to meet the needs of different industrial scenarios.
  3. Customized Service
    According to the specific needs of customers, we provide customized spiral hose protection sleeve solutions to maximize the satisfaction of customers’ expectations.

Where To Buy a Spiral Hose Protector

Spiral guard hose protectors are available from a variety of retailers, including hardware stores, industrial supply stores, and online retailers. You can also buy from us!

What we do

Wide range of spiral hose protectors, custom service available, etc.

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