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Silicone coated fiberglass tape is knitted from the highest quality fiberglass yarns. It will not burn and is suitable for use in continuous temperatures to 1000°F (540°C).

Product Details

Orient offers a variety of silicone fiberglass tape (wrap) products. Our Common uses include high-temperature compression seals and thermal insulation wraps to contain heat and protect hoses, cables, workers and surrounding components from heat.

Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tape Characteristic

Anticorrosion and flexibility

Installation does not require disassembly of hoses and cables, saving labor and time.

It can be wrapped in a spiral way with 30%-50% overlap, which is convenient and quick.

It is packaged in rolls, which is small and light in weight, making it easy to install and use.

Working temperature: It can be continuously exposed to high temperatures of 560 ℃ without damage, and can withstand temperatures of up to 1650 ℃ for 5-10 minutes. In the high temperature of 1650 ℃, it can withstand 15-30 seconds.

It is especially suitable for complex pipeline conditions. It protects hoses and pipelines from the effects of molten metal, slag, welding spatter, electric sparks or grinding sparks and pollution.

Made from woven fiberglass substrates that have been coated on one or both sides with silicone rubber. dimensional stability, durability, excellent tensile strength and low elongation

Fire Sleeve Tape Specification

Silicone Fiberglass Tape Specification

Silicone Fiberglass Tape Application

-Widely used in high-temperature environments such as metallurgical equipment, industrial machinery, electronic appliances, and electric heating products for heat resistance and insulation protection.
-Used for high temperature protection, bent pipe and other irregular protected objects around convenient, also suitable for outdoor high temperature pipeline, such as natural gas pipeline, heating pipeline,the thermal insulation function, reducing heat loss.

What we do

Wide range of hose sheath, custom service available, etc.

Supplying high quality hose jackets throughout the country

We are experienced

We Have Over 16 Years of Experience In Hose Sheath

Strong R & D team, Advanced Lab, 10 senior engineer with over 20 years experience, enterprise experimentation Center, advanced testing equipment, mainly for raw material and product testing. Advanced production equipment, ensure consistent good quality.

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