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Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve made of braided fberglass yarns in a flexible substrate, then coated with a high grade silicone rubber.Fire Sleeve is ideal for protecting against high under bonnet temperatures which makes it perfect for use on hoses, wiring, oil and fuel lines.

Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeve Product Details

  • Material: Silicone, E-Glass Fiberglass
  • Color: red,black, gray, blue, silver,tangerine, etc.(can be customized)
  • Fire Sleeve is a self-extinguishing thermal protection sleeve. Silicone rubber on our fire sleeve sheds molten metals, slag, welding splatter, electrical or grinding sparks and contamination.
  • Fire sleeve protects continuously to 260°C(500°F) and willwithstand a molten splash at 1650°C(3000°F). It offers excellent short term flame protection and great insulation properties for high temperature.

The standard colour of silicone coated sleeve is red-oxide, but custom colours such as blue, grey, black, yellow and green are available; great for identifying hose and cable use when the sleeve is installed. Fire sleeve is the standard high-temperature and molten splash pyro protection jacket and sleeve for hose & cable.

Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve Features

Fire sleeve

Oil and water resistant

Fire resistant ,flame retardant,heat insulation,insulation,anti-aging

Can be shaped to fit the tightest bends

Glass fiber sleeve with silicone rubber coating

Perfect for insulating wires,oil & fuel lines and Protects against dirt and road grime

Includes fire tape to seal sleeve ends

Silicone Fire Sleeve Specification

Silicone Fire Sleeve Specification

Production and Packing

. Product will be tested in the factory line before packed.
. We will use pallet to ship the quantity products.We will use PE film for packingor pack it according to customers special request.
. Packaging Details: poly bag, standard export carton box.
. Delivery Detail: 10 days after the payment

Silicone Fire Sleeve Application

-used to protect the hydraulic hose ,to guarantee the machine working well in the hightemperature environment ,to improve work efficiency ,protection of normal production, to prevent theoccurrence of short circuit, fire and other issues.
-used to protect the cables ,wires nearby the caster ladle and ladle cara.Avoid thedamage caused by steel slag splashing in high temperature environment. To avoid accidents such asfire , to protect the safety of workers, the fire sleeve is essential protection materials in the steel works .
-used to protect the cables nearby the crane , Avoid serious wear and tear on the cable during crane operation. To ensure that the crane in the process of work efficiency, to ensure thenormal operation of the machine.
– used to protect the wires in the automobile engine.Avoid damage of the wire, abnormalbecause of the high engine temperature.

The silicone fire sleeve is mainly used in high temperature areas where the cables, hoses orpipes need to be well protected

Main application to the steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting, power plant, shipyard etc
the high temperature areas that need to be protective of cable, hose and pipes.

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