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The high-temperature basalt sleeve is made of high-quality continuous basalt fiber woven together and usually requires processing and surface treatment for use.

basalt fiber sleeve

Technical specifications

Operating temperature: -269°C to 980°C
Size: Inner diameter from 1 millimeter to 200 millimeters
Melting point: None
Fire rating: UL94V-0
Certification: ROHS
Standard color: Brown (natural color)
Others: Not affected by acids, alkalis, salts, and water
Application: Widely used in industries such as metallurgy, chemicals, and aviation to provide protection for cables, hoses, and oil pipes.

basalt tape
basalt sleeve
basalt fiber tape

Basalt Sleeve Features

High-Quality Basalt Fiber

Excellent Insulation

High-Temperature Resistance

Chemical Corrosion Resistance

Versatile Applications

Customizable Options

Basalt Sleeve Application

Due to the good insulation, high temperature resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance of the basalt fiber sleeve, it is suitable for insulation tubing in the wire-stripping parts of electrical appliances and motors. It can also be used as insulation tubing for internal connections and various temperature-resistant joints. It can be used as a substrate for patterned tubes, electric brush hoses, and high-temperature resistant composite tubes.

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