Do you know what is silicone fire sleeve? What is the silicone fire sleeves used for? What is its main function?

What is silicone fire sleeve?

The silicone fire sleeve is woven from glass fiber carbon fiber and coated with silicone resin. The properties of fiberglass and silicone are very high temperature resistant and flame retardant.

Protect hoses and lines from molten metals, slag, welding splatter, electrical or grinding sparks and contamination.

silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve

Which industries need to use it?

Mainly used in the insulation protection of pipes and cables in high temperature places such as steel plants, smelting plants, and glass plants.

Basic performance (technical parameters):
Temperature resistance: -40°C+560°C, continuous working temperature 560°C, instantaneous (within 30 seconds) resistance to 1650°C, 1650°C destructive test can last for half an hour, after half an hour the outer coating starts to carbonize, glass fiber intact.
Flame retardant: VW-1 level
Color: mainly iron red, other colors can be customized according to requirements, such as blue and black color.
Specifications: inner diameter 6mm-130mm, more than 130mm can be customized according to requirements.

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