High Temperature Resistant Sleeves, also known as Fire Resistant Sleeve, silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve, is made of high-purity alkali-free glass fiber into a tube, and then the outer wall of the tube is coated with organic silicone and vulcanized. After vulcanization, it can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -65 ° C-260 ° C and maintain its soft elastic properties. The synthesis of special high-temperature-resistant materials determines that high-temperature-resistant bushings have many other similar materials that are difficult to replace: high-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, flame retardation, electrical insulation, chemical stability, weather resistance, cold resistance, Water-resistant, oil-resistant, ozone-resistant, voltage-resistant, arc-resistant, corona-resistant, etc., especially safety and environmental protection, is a substitute for asbestos and other hazardous products.

High Temperature Resistant Sleeves are generally divided into three types

Tube type
Generally suitable for the protection of short or straight pipelines, cable protection, automotive wiring harnesses, generator sets are commonly used, reliable after installation, not easy to disassemble, sealed, insulated, heat insulation, moisture-proof effect is better.

Winding Tape
It is mainly used for high-temperature protection of irregular protected objects such as valves and curved pipelines, and is easy to wind. It is also suitable for outdoor high-temperature pipelines, such as natural gas pipelines and heating pipelines, which play a role of heat insulation and reduce heat loss.

It has the advantages of convenient dis-assembly, no need to deactivate the equipment, disassemble the cables, etc. during installation, and the interior is sewn with a fire-resistant and flame-retardant adhesive tape. It only needs to glue the sleeve from the middle to play the role of sealing and insulation. Affect equipment production and save installation time. It is commonly used in large-scale smelting equipment, and is also used in high-temperature metal hoses.

There are many unsafe factors in the production of converter. In the smelting process, the medium temperature in the furnace is very high, which is easy to cause high temperature splashing. After cooling and solidification, slag will be formed in the pipeline or cable, which will make the rubber on the outer layer of the pipeline or cable harden, and finally embrittlement and fracture, and then damage the unprotected equipment and cable. The high temperature resistant sleeve coated with multiple silicone rubber can achieve more Heavy safety protection, temperature resistance up to 1650 ℃, can effectively block the splashing of molten iron, molten copper, molten aluminum and other high-temperature molten materials, prevent the surrounding cables and equipment from being damaged, do not need to be replaced frequently, so as to save costs and reduce losses.