The PP spiral guard is generally made of nylon or polyethylene.

It has good performance, anti-aging and anti-corrosive properties. It can protect the outer surface of the hose against aging and abrasion.

How to Inspect the PP Spiral guard

The main aspects of PP spiral guard are inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, bandwidth, length and surface.

  1. Regarding the inner diameter of the sheath, the error range of different inner diameter sizes is different. For example, if the inner diameter of the sheath is 13mm, if the error range is within ±0.2mm, it is qualified.
  2. The outer diameter of PP sheath also has an error range. For example, if the outer diameter is 50mm, then the error range is within ±0.3mm, that is qualified.
  3. The error range of wall thickness is also different according to the size.
  4. Bandwidth refers to the width of PP sheathing tape, which has a certain standard
  5. Length refers to the length of a whole PP sheath, and then the production process mainly relies on the weight to detect whether the length is up to standard, such as a meter of sheath has 0.2 kg, then 100 meters is 20 kg.
  6. Surface condition is mainly No Damages, No Flashes, No Sharp Edges, smooth surface