Spiral Hose Guard has excellent flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance, and is widely favored by people. It is widely used in production machinery, excavator equipment and home cable protection. Today, the spiral sheath manufacturer introduces you How to distinguish flame retardancy:

Before starting the flame retardant testing experiment, some simple equipment should be prepared first: lighter, candle (or other ignition source), spiral hose guard to be tested, in addition to the ordinary spiral hose guard and secondary Raw material spiral hose jacket.

First light the candle, and then place the three spiral hose guards on the outer flame of the candle to burn in sequence, observe the burning situation of the hose guard after the flame is encountered, and whether there is dripping, and record the data; after a period of time Withdraw the fire source, observe the flame extinguishment of the protective sleeve, and record the situation.

The spiral hose guard of the secondary material starts burning immediately after encountering the outer flame of the candle, and the burning speed is very fast, and a large amount of black drops are generated during the burning process, and the pungent odor.

The ordinary spiral hose guard does not burn when it encounters an open flame, but it will soften after a certain period of time, and then it will ignite a bright flame, with transparent dripping material.

The flame-retardant spiral hose guard will not burn after encountering the outer flame of the candle, and no obvious flame will be generated. The flame on the hose guard will immediately extinguish after leaving the fire source. Burning in a short time will not melt it; if it burns for a long time, some molten material will drip.

In summary, the inferior secondary products are produced from recycled raw materials, and have low flame retardant properties.

They are flammable plastic products, so they will burn quickly and leave brown drippings when exposed to open flames; ordinary Polypropylene is used as the raw material. This kind of material has a certain flame retardancy, but it is not very good, so the bright flame will appear after exposure to open flame for a long time, and it will be accompanied by the generation of transparent drops;

The protective cover, because the flame retardant is added to the raw materials during the production process, so the product has good flame retardant properties, and its flame retardant level has reached the highest flame retardant level of UL94-V0 level, you can rest assured use.