Silicone Fireproof Fiberglass Sleeve has better thermal stability, radiation resistance and heat insulation than other polymer materials. It can prevent accidents, reduce energy consumption, and also prevent the heat of medium in the pipeline from directly transferring to the surrounding environment, so that the workshop temperature is too high and the cooling cost is saved.

Silicone Fireproof Fiberglass Sleeve is made of alkali free glass fiber, with fine technology, pollution-free and harmless to human body. The medium alkali glass fiber used by some manufacturers is harmful to the environment and human body: the medium alkali glass fiber contains a small amount of iron, aluminum, calcium, sodium and other oxides and combined silica products, which will lead to pneumoconiosis if inhaled for a long time. The application scope of Orientflex is high temperature area of electric power, chemical industry and other industries; heating area cable, fluid pipeline, feed quick change joint, rolling area roller table, rolling mill cable and oil pipe of metallurgical enterprises; sawing surrounding cable, oil pipe and joint; buggy ladle cable cladding etc.

The Silicone Fireproof Fiberglass Sleeve from uses more solid materials, is thicker than conventional sleeve, and has a higher fiberglass braid density. Has better insulation, higher strength and wear resistance.

Working temperature: –40℃+560℃. Instantly (within 30 seconds) can withstand 1650℃, half an hour later the outer coating begins to carbonize, and the glass fiber is intact.