This piece is going to introduce you the silicone fire sleeve, or we can call it silicone fire guard. You might understand the effects of silicone fire sleeve from its name, it should be high tempreture resistant and used for protecting hoses. The silicone fire guard can be used for protecting hydraulic oil hose, oil hoses, or other hoses and pipes. Basically, the silicone fire sleeve can protect the hoses, pipes, or cables which have been exposed to the high temperature working area. Due to its excellent fire performance and high tempreture resistant capability, the silicone fire sleeves are widely applied in steeling, smelting, shipbuilding, etc. Noted, currently the silicone fire sleeves are popular for the protection of the automotive wiring, especially for the racing cars.

Therefore, you can see the increasing demand for the silicone fire sleeves. Do you know? The silver gray, this color is becoming more and more popular in current market. You can see we, Orientflex produced silicone fire sleeves’ pictures, do they look brilliant? You can see the inner of silicone fire sleeves are made of braided fiberglass yarns, and covered by the high quality heat resistant silicone rubber. The color can be customized. Besides current popular silver gray color, the red color is the most commen choice, and the blue and green ones are also popular. The inner side of the silicone fire sleeve can withstand 500 ℃ to 600 ℃ temperature, and the outer silicone cover can withstand 260 ℃ to 300 ℃ temperature, even it can take the 1300 ℃ of molten splash. The length is normally 15 meters, and the size range that we can produce from 5.5 mm to 101 mm (inside diameter).

If you want to protect your hoses, pipes, and cables from the damage caused by high temperature, silicone fire sleeves are the perfect choices. If you are in need, please send us your requirements, we will provide high quanlity silicone fire sleeves to you.