Nylon hose sleeve is mainly used for wear resistance and explosion proof mechanical equipment hydraulic hose,oil rubber hose,the trachea and other pipe fitting,

especially suitable for working under the severe environment.

Since nylon materials have different characteristics from ordinary plastics, some process requirements are put forward in the extrusion process as follows:

1.the inner sheath extrusion requirements

1.1 extrusion of nylon before the sheath core surface must be flat and smooth;

1.2 extrusion shall not use PVC-HY sheath and crushed material, extrusion process shall not appear scorched material, pull thin, broken, hard lumps and other phenomena;

1.3 extrusion may not use vacuum devices.

2.Nylon material drying requirements

Nylon material is a polar medium, easy to absorb moisture, when the nylon material moisture content of more than 0.3%, it can not be extruded, nylon sheath extrusion must be dried before, set the temperature of 100 Shi 5 ℃, the time is 4 ~ 6 hours.

nylon protective hose sleeve

3.Nylon hose sleeve extrusion requirements

3.1 extrusion before clearing the machine requirements: first open the head, the ordinary screw out, clean up the body, finished with a rag, air hose will be inside the barrel

Then clean the head and barrel, scrape the slag with tools, and finally clean the dead corner to ensure the neatness of the whole extrusion unit.

3.2 Screw selection: Nylon 12 sheath material can be produced on our 90 and 150 extruders, and the screw is a special low smoke and halogen-free screw.

3.3 Filter plate selection: The ordinary filter plate with filter eye is used, and no screen is added to the production.

3.4 Die matching requirements: (extrusion thickness of 0.3mm for example)

Die core size = outer diameter of sheath +2~4mm