Nylon hose sleeve description

Nylon Protective Hose Sleeve is made by high tenacity multi-filament nylon. It is used to protect people, environment and machinery against any possible hydraulic hose oil leakage or spill.

Nylon hose sleeve Features

Thick and strong strands with a tight woven construction gives a high degree of burst resistance while still maintaining decent flexibility. Nylon protective hose sleeve is resistant to abrasion, cuts, heat, and UV/Ozone deterioration.

nylon hose sleeve

Nylon Protective Hose Sleeve Application

It is widely used to protect hydraulic hose, rubber hose. This kind of sleeve can also be used in industrial and construction fields where outstanding hose productions are needed.

Why do you want to choose nylon hose sleeve?

  1. Nylon hose sleeve can withstand the highest temperature of 190 degrees , This is much higher than PP spiral guard.
  2. Nylon hose sleeve is much cheaper than silicone fire sleeve, it is more economical.
  3. Nylon hose sleeve are easy to install
  4. The nylon hose sleeve with sticky buckle is also more convenient to disassemble

The usual color of nylon hose sleeve is black, which makes it more resistant to sunlight. The inner diameter and length can be customized. Welcome your inquiry, just tell us the size and length you need, and we will offer you the best price.