This piece will mainly explain to you the effects of PP spiral guard on protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses. To guard or not to guard? That is a question. Someone might ask Is the PP spiral guard really effective for protecting the hydraulic and pneumatic hose? Is it worthy to purchase PP spiral guard? We hope this piece can answer these questions for you. Let me take an example. You purchased a box of fresh vegetables. If you do not purchase a fresh-keeping bag, half of the apples will go bad in a certain period. But the cost for purchasing a fresh-keeping bag is much less than the value of that half box of apples. It’s the same principle, purchasing PP spiral guard can effectively extend the using life of the protected hydraulic hoses, pneumatic hoses, cables, wires, etc. The cost on PP spiral guard will save the cost on replacing a new batch of pneumatic hoses. It is worthy.

What’s the reason caused the failure of the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses?

Indeed the main reason is due to the abrasion. We, Orientflex, manufactures a series of hose protection guard products, including PP spiral guard, silicone fire sleeves, nylon fabric hose guard, and spring guard. These hose protection guard can effectively prevent the failure of the hoses and related equipment.

The characteristics of PP spiral hose guards

This piece will discuss the PP spiral hose guards, which are made of PP (polypropylene). The spiral hose guard has an excellent performance on abrasion resistant. It is able to work under the strict working conditions (-50℃ to 80℃). The spiral hose guard wrapped on the hoses can help the hoses to against cuts, UV, and crushes. In addition, the PP spiral guard is anti-oil, acid and solvents resistant, and flame retardant. The sizes (outside diameter) are from 12 mm to 140 mm. The PP spiral hose guard has heavy duty and standard duty options. If you require heavy-duty protection of the hoses from abrasion, you can choose heavy duty spiral hose guard. Welcome to contact us for more hose protection information, we’d like to share our experience with you on how to protect your hoses.