Do you know about silicone fire sleeve? If you work in hot environments, such as metallurgical plants, steel mills.

There will be industrial hose or hydraulic hose on the equipment, these hose will be in a high temperature environment for a long time. It will greatly reduce the service life, and the hose may break, which will lead to safety accidents. At this time, your hoses need a high temperature resistant sleeve. Silicone fire sleeve is the best option.

What kind of silicone sleeve is qualified?

The main checks are as follows:

  1. The inner diameter of the silicone fire sleeves. For example, For example, if the inner diameter of the sleeve is 13mm, if the error range is within ±0.2mm, it is qualified.
  2. The outer diameter of silicone fire sleeve also has an error range. For example, if the outer diameter is 50mm, then the error range is within ±0.3mm, that is qualified.
  3. The error range of wall thickness is also different according to the size.
    4.Length requirement, for example, the length is 20m/roll, there is a special meter counting machine in the production, the inspection is also the workers will unfold the sheath to measure the length
    5.Surface condition is mainly no bubbles on the surface, no miscellaneous colors etc.