We all know that the material of heat resistant fire sleeve is made of high-purity alkali free glass fiber and coated with high-quality silicone rubber. Most of them are red on the market. High temperature protection can make other colors (red, blue, yellow, black, other colors, etc.) according to the needs of customers.

  1. When we get a heat resistant fire sleeve, we need to look at the surface structure of the heat resistant fire sleeve. A good fire casing has a clean surface without any cracks, transparency and impurities; while a poor casing has uneven surface, pimples, bubbles and other impurities.
  2. After looking at the silica gel coating, you can see the internal glass fiber system, high-quality fire sleeve, the internal glass fiber system is neat, no messy glass fiber, most of the glass fiber is white, very few will be milky white, light yellow; while the poor casing, glass fiber system is loose and messy, glass fiber color is impure, there will be some impurities.
  3. After seeing these appearances, you can smell the taste of the casing. The high-quality fire sleeve has no obvious pungent taste, while the low-quality casing has pungent taste. Long term inhalation will cause great harm to human body.
  4. You can try to use the lighter fire spray gun to check. The long-term working temperature of the fire sleeve is 260 ℃, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 1650 ℃. Therefore, in the process of casing test, the poor fire sleeve will have a very pungent taste and melt instantly, while the high-quality fire sleeve, after 10-15 minutes of open fire combustion, the silica gel on the surface will carbonize, without obvious pungent taste, and the inner glass fiber is still intact, which is enough to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the fire sleeve.