PP spiral guard, also known as rubber hose guard and wire guard. It has different names in different usage scenarios.

The guard is mainly for excavators, loader and other construction machinery. Mainly installed on the outside of hydraulic hoses, cables and other products. It functions to enhance the abrasion resistance, anti-static and UV resistance of internal hoses. In a word,it is in a variety of harsh environmental protection internal hose.

PP spiral guard is made of PP, PE or PA. It adopts thermoplastic extrusion process.

The PP material are good elasticity but no wear resistance, while PE material are wear resistance but the elasticity is not good. Our PP spiral guard is a mixture of PP and PE material .It has both the elasticity of PP and the abrasion resistance of PE. More important,better wear resistance is in hardness of 97.

What color spiral guard is available?

Black, yellow, blue , and of course, custom colors are available. The whole guard can be one color, or two colors. The bright color is to be more markedness , such as yellow. Darker colors are more resistant to dirt, such as black.

Is there a grade for spiral guard?

Ordinary PP spiral guard is wear resistant and anti-aging. Flame retardant grade guard does not burn when it meets fire, and goes out immediately when it leaves the fire source. There is also insulating guard , it can resist static electricity.

You can choose the length, thickness and package. Also can choose the surface is flat or curved . We can meet your requirements, always welcome to inquiry.