Silicone cable fireproof jacket has strong chemical stability. It does not react to oil, water, acid and alkali in silicone. Within 260, it can be used for a long time without aging. The service life under natural environment can reach dozens of years. It can limit the protection of pipelines, cables and equipment in these occasions and greatly extend their service life.

1. Resistance to ozone, voltage, arc, and corona
Because the surface is coated with silicone, its main chain is -Si-O-, and the bond is present, so it is not easily decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. High temperature resistant bushings have good electrical insulation properties. Their dielectric loss, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity and surface resistivity are among the best in insulating materials, and their electrical properties are affected by temperature and frequency. The impact is small. Therefore, they are a stable electrical insulation material and are widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.

2. Flame retardant, reduce the incidence of fire and spread speed
If flammable or toxic media is transported in the pipeline, it is easy to cause fire or injury when the leakage occurs; cables are often burned due to local high temperature; high temperature bushings are woven with extremely high temperature resistant glass fiber, and silicone rubber is added on the surface. There are special raw materials such as appropriate flame retardants to make them have excellent flame retardancy. Even if a fire occurs, the spread of the fire can be prevented, and the internal pipelines can be kept intact for a long time, providing sufficient time for the rescue of important information such as data and data.

3. High temperature bending test
No aging or cracking on the surface or peeling of the coating film surface after heating in a 260 constant temperature furnace for 48 hours

4. Low temperature bending test
After heating in a -70 constant temperature furnace for 1 hour, there is no cracking on the surface or no peeling of the coating film surface layer.

5. Coating film test
No surface peeling or dissolution occurred after continuous use in a constant temperature furnace.

Application of Silicone Cable Fire Sheath:
Silicone cable fire-proof sheath is mainly used for cable insulation protection in high temperature places such as steel plants, smelters, glass plants, fire protection equipment, power plants, large transformer sites, etc.