In many industrial production and processing sites, the ambient temperature is usually relatively high. The equipment working in this high temperature environment often corrodes by high temperature steam, grease and other foreign objects, which damages the equipment’s pipe fittings and absorption equipment. In the prior art, most equipment pipe fittings are covered with asbestos products, or traditional closed pipe fittings are used, which are difficult to install and disassemble and not easy to promote.

The heat-resistant fire Sleeve is composed of a heat-resistant silicone resin outer layer and a glass fiber inner layer, and the heat-resistant silicone outer layer is sealed with a glass fiber inner layer. It is thicker than conventional fire jackets, and the glass fiber weave density is higher. Has better insulation, higher strength and wear resistance.

High Temperature Resistant Fire Sleeve Features

1. The heat-resistant outer layer is made of environmentally friendly heat-resistant fuel, and the heat-resistant temperature can reach 1650°C. As a bottom lining, it can prevent grease and foreign matter from entering equipment pipe fittings;
2. It can be continuously exposed to high temperature environment to ensure that the covered pipe fittings are not damaged;
3. It is easy to install and can be directly put on the pipe without removing any parts.
4. The product diameter can be adjusted freely within the allowable range of the heat-resistant tape;
5. It will not release harmful dust and gas, and is harmless to the human body.

High Temperature Resistant Fire Sleeve Application

Because of its unique material and technology, the high-temperature fireproof Sleeve has the characteristics of flame retardancy, heat preservation, heat insulation, electrical resistance, softness and so on. Mainly used for the protection of aircraft engine cables and pipes.