Do you use hydraulic hoses? Do you know that hydraulic hose work under high pressure? If the hoses is not protected, once the hose ruptures, there will be a great safety hazard. Thus you need a hose guard to protect your hose. Orientflex can meet your needs.

Orientflex produces PP spiral guard, silicone fire Sleeve, nylon fabric hose guard, spring guard and other hose protector. Each one has its own unique characteristics.

PP spiral guard

It is an economical and convenient method of sleeve . Spiral guard warp protects against abrasion, cuts, crushing, and UV. Therefore, it is a good choice if your hose operates at room temperature.

Silicone fire Sleeve

Some hoses work in high temperature conditions for long time, such as metallurgy and automobile industries. Thus it requires a high temperature resistant silicone fire sleeve. It consists of a silicone resin, a fibreglass layer and a silicone cover. Silica gel itself has good temperature resistance, but fibreglass is more significant in this high temperature resistance.The max work temperature can be 500-600℃. The hose is also flame retardant, it matches high temperature resistance, and the price is also relatively high.

Nylon fabric hose guard

Nylon fabric hose guard is mainly for hydraulic hose and oil hose, especially suitable for severe condition. Because it provides great wear resistance and it’s explosion proof. It can work at 190℃. Thus it can protect the hose well from molten metals, slag and electrical sparks.

We offer you OEM and ODM service. Thus you can choose a better one based on the hose size and work condition.

OrientFlex is your expert in hose protect solutions. We own many certificates such as ISO and SGS. To offer you the best products, we have inspection teams throughout the order. Because of the cost-effective products with unique service, we export 300 containers annually. While our clients come from over 100 countries like USA, Brazil and Thailand.

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