The importance of customers to a company cannot be overstated. The praise from customers is not only the recognition of the product, the recognition of the sales manager, but also the recognition of the company.
Recently our customer received the PP Spiral guard that was purchased before. They praised our company’s product quality and service. And confirm the repeat order on January 16th 2023.

They thought our spiral guard had a smooth surface and no damage. The length of the spiral guard is also sufficient. More importantly, the spiral guard has good elasticity and is very wear-resistant, which can effectively protect the hose. And the installation is very convenient, economical and practical.

Every customer’s appreciation is the motivation for Orientflex to move forward and become a better hose manufacturer.
There is a strict quality control system in the production process of the hose guard, and after the production is completed, it can be loaded at any time.

The PP spiral guard hose is mainly used in engineering machinery such as excavators and loaders. It is mainly installed on the outside of products such as hydraulic hoses and cables. Its role is to enhance the abrasion resistance, anti-static and UV resistance of the inner hose. In short, it is an environmentally friendly internal hose in a variety of harsh.

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