Fiberglass Sleeve, Alias: firesleeve, high temperature firesleeve.High temperature firesleeve is made of braided e-grade glass fiber sleeve with silicone rubber coating. Good thermal insulation and fire proof performance make firesleeve reduce heat energy losses and protect employees from burning effectively.High temperature fire sleeve has advanced three combinations: wear – retardant, thermal insulation – impermeable flame barrier, fire-resistant layer, even if the first and second floor was burned through, the third layer can be carried out effective protection, to gain time for the next maintenance. The color of the firesleeve is bright , and has a great extension coefficient. These properties make fiberglass sleeve suitable for protection in harsh environments hoses, cables and pipes.

Straight Fiberglass Sleeve

Without stopping the device, removing hoses and cables when installing thermal protection sleeve. firesleeveAnother advantage is that which can be field connection in the factory to ensure the integrity and proper adaptation structure. Generally suitable for protection or shorter than the straight pipeline, cable protection, automotive wiring harness, generator sets commonly used.

Fire Sleeve Velcro

The advantage of fire sleeve velcro is that easy accessibility, you do not need to stop the installation of equipment, cables and other firesleeveopen internal sewn fire retardant sticky tape, just starting from the intermediate casing to bonding to seal the insulating effect, does not affect the equipment but also saves installation time. Large smelting equipment commonly used, high temperature metal hoses are also used.

Fire Tape

Fire tape is made of braided e-grade Sio2 fibers sleeve with silicone rubber coating. fire tapeWhich can be used to wrap any diameter hose and cable, generally 30-50% in a spiral manner dressing can reciprocate in when dressing without removing hoses and cables, convenient, you do not need to disable the device.