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Why Use a Spiral Hose Guard?

A long time ago, rubber hoses were used in various industries, hydraulic systems, suction and drainage, suction and drainage, water delivery, and oil transportation. In every process of use, it is always difficult to avoid being worn and squeezed. When using rubber hoses, many places such as excavators, breakers, tunnels, car washers, etc. will have higher pulses or Pressure to complete the work, and there will be friction with the ground or equipment, then the rubber hose skin tends to be worn at this time, when it is time to work, it will easily burst and leak oil, resulting in unexpected accidents, so people At the time of use, it was found that the outer surface of the rubber hose was quickly replaced by the rubber tube, which caused great production cost. Later, according to the situation, we have invented the spiral hose guard that we highly recommend in various industries. The spiral sheath is extruded by nylon or high-strength PP, which effectively protects the rubber tube from 360° wear and dust. And it has one of the biggest features that can be replaced.

The spiral protective sleeve is a spiral sheath made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or nylon (PA), which is made by hot-rolling and setting extrusion process. It is a new product that replaces the metal retaining spring for traditional hose protection. Alias: hose cover, hose cover, cable cover, hose cover, etc. It has been widely used in construction machinery and injection molding equipment such as excavators, loaders, road rollers, pavers, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks. Mainly installed on the outside of hydraulic hoses, wires, cables and other products. Its function is to enhance the wear resistance, sun protection and UV resistance of internal products such as hydraulic hoses, wires and cables, and to protect the internal products such as hydraulic hoses in various harsh environments. The installation of spiral protective sleeves for hydraulic hoses, wires, cables, etc. not only improves the aesthetics, but also extends the life of internal products by more than three years. Compared with the traditional metal spring protection products, the spiral protection sleeve is easy to install and wear-resistant; it has strong anti-aging and anti-corrosion properties; it can effectively prevent the aging and anti-aging of the outer surfaces of hydraulic hoses, wires and cables. Friction protection; has better, more convenient, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving effects.

Spiral Hose Guard