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Spiral Hose Guard Function

Spiral Hose Guard are produced by extrusion from High Density Polypropylene. This ensures superior breaking strength and naturally round spiral edges.

Spiral Hose Guard Ddvantages:
●Protect your hoses against abrasion, hits and weather conditions
●Save you money because the hoses last longer and the number of work delays caused by hose rupture decreases
●Colourful spirals make your hoses more visible to increase safety
●Bundle your hoses to increase safety and ease the handling

Spiral Hose Guard Features:
●Our standard Polypropylene hose guard
●Excellent abrasion resistance
●Tolerate both frost and heat
●Resistant to acids, oils and solvents
●Contain antistatic additive
●Economical choice for hose protection
●Easy to install
●One size can be used for a large range of hose sizes

Available Sizes & Lengths:
Outer diameters are available from 12mm to 140mm which corresponds to an approximate usage range of (hose OD) 9mm to 155mm.
All sizes are available in rolls or pre-cuts lengths. Roll length depends on the size.
Maximum pre-cut length for all diameters is 6000mm and MOQ apply.
All pre-cut lengths are equipped with a rounded end and a drill hole for lengthening and fastening purposes.
Available colours:
Standard colours are black and yellow.
Other colours available on request (MOQ 600m per colour, can comprise of different sizes).

Spiral Hose Guard Function