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Spiral Guard Wrap

Spiral hose wrap are an economical and convenient way to prevent premature wear of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, cables, wires and ropes and extend their service life.

The Spiral Guard Wrap is made from high density polypropylene extrusion and is able to withstand extreme weather and operating conditions. The extrusion process provides rounded edges for the product so that it is easy to install and does not damage the hose. Spiral protectors prevent wear, cuts, crushing, UV rays and hazards that can damage expensive hoses and cable assemblies and result in lost output due to downtime. The larger size is used to protect and bundle multiple hoses. Spiral Guard Wrap's open spiral design allows for simple installation in the field without disconnecting the line.

Spiral Guard Wrap Characteristics:
● Excellent protection against hose wear, friction, crushing and risk of cutting.
● Acid, oil, solvent, water and UV shock prevent dust and dirt.
● Multiple pipelines can be bundled together while providing protection.
● The circular outline does not rub the edges and causes damage to the hose.
● Protect hoses cause damage due to excessive wear, reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime.

Spiral Guard Wrap Availability:
● Available in diameters from 9mm to 140mm
● Spiral Guard Wrap is a stock product, allowing for fast turnaround time
● Standard color is Black, other available
● Standard package depends on Spiral ID

Spiral Guard Wrap