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Spiral Hose Guard Features

Heavy-duty hoses and wiring are often used in harsh environments. Whether it’s general wear and tear, extreme temperatures or unique chemical environments, there are a lot of different things that can cause wear and tear on your hoses and wiring. Instead of spending more money replacing hoses, invest in your hose longevity with our durable plastic spiral hose wrap. This thermoplastic spiral hose protector wraps around hoses with smooth edges and has a ribbed internal profile so it stays in place. Both lightweight and crush-resistant, the spiral wrap is made from propene polymer, so it’s non-toxic and has a great temperature rating from -30 F to 175 F. We sell our spiral plastic hose guard in the color black at various thicknesses. Be sure to pick a thickness that works for your needs.y today!

Spiral Hose Guard Characteristics:
Thermoplastic extruded spiral with rounded external surface, smoothed edges and ribbed internal profile.

Spiral Hose Guard Features:
Light weight, yet crush resistant.
Stays in place on the hose without sliding.
Easily overlaps offering greater protection.

Spiral Hose Guard Material:
Propene Polymer, Non Toxic

Spiral Hose Guard Temperature range:
-30to +175 Fahrenheit

Spiral Hose Guard Features