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Spiral Hose Guard Quality Inspection (1)

Spiral hose guard manufacturers are very many, different manufacturers produce product quality is not the same, the following is to distinguish the quality of spiral hose guard:

1. Appearance
The appearance surface is smooth and smooth, no lack of material, cracks, damage and burrs, no obvious blistering and uneven, no impurities, noise and other phenomena produced for high-quality products;

2. Hardness
High-quality qualified spiral protective sleeve hardness is generally 85 to 90 degrees, hardness less than 85 degrees or above 90 degrees are not in line with the requirements. Hardness is too low, can not play the role of internal product protection, bondage, hardness is too high, in low temperature environment, the protective case is prone to brittle cracking, 1% to 5% of the product can not meet the use requirements, so that the protective sleeve of the internal product protection greatly reduced.

3. Resistance to high and low temperatures
Spiral hose guard
should have good resistance to high and low temperatures and can be identified by the following methods:
The spiral hose guard was placed in turn for 1 hour at 80 degrees C, 0.5 hours at room temperature, 1 hour at room temperature, 0.5 hours at room temperature, and 0.5 hours at room temperature for 5 consecutive cycles. Observation, if the spiral hose guard does not crack, stick, depression and other phenomena occur, it is high quality;

4. Oil resistance
High-quality spiral hose guard have good oil resistance. The spiral protective sleeve can be soaked in the mixture of 70 s gasoline and 10% toluene for 5 minutes, if there is no color change, sticky phenomenon, it is high quality qualified;

Spiral Hose Guard Quality Inspection