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Advantages of spiral hose guard raw materials

For spiral hose guard, the properties of the raw material also determine the performance of the product. So what are the reasons why polypropylene can stand out as a raw material for the production of spiral guard?

1. Excellent mechanical performance
Polypropylene has high crystallizing and structural regulation, so it has excellent mechanical properties, and its strength and hardness and elasticity are higher than high density PE (HDPE). Polypropylene with a large isometric index has a high tensile strength, which can reach a level of 30 MPa or higher.

2. Good bend-resistant
Polypropylene has excellent anti-bendfatigue, commonly known as fold ingress, its products can bend 106 times at room temperature without damage, dry friction coefficient and nylon similar. This makes the spiral case more resistant to bending.

3. Strong heat resistance
Among the five general-purpose plastics, PP's heat resistance is the best, products can be disinfected at temperatures above 100 ℃. Heat resistance can be stable up to 150 ℃ without external forces.

Advantages of spiral hose guard raw materials