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Advantages Of Silicone Fireproof Sleeve

Silicone Fireproof Sleeve is a high-quality alkali-free glass fiber yarn woven into a tube, coated with organic high temperature silicone resin by high temperature treatment. High temperature-resistant casing with flame retardant, thermal insulation, insulation, anti-electricity, soft and other properties. High temperature-resistant casing is mainly used in steel mills, smelters, glass mills, fire equipment, large-scale pressure change sites and other high-temperature sites of cable insulation protection.

Silicone Fireproof Sleeve is widely used in power, chemical, metallurgical, ship, machinery manufacturing and other industries in high temperature areas;

High temperature resistance:
Silicone Fireproof Sleeve surface silicone structure contains both "organic groups", but also contains "inorganic structure", this special composition and molecular structure makes it a combination of organic properties and inorganic functions. Compared with other polymer materials, the most prominent is the high temperature resistance. With silicon-oxygen (Si-O) key as the main chain structure, C-C key key can be 82.6 kcal/g molecule, Si-O key key can be 121 kCal/g molecule in silicone, so its thermal stability is high, high temperature (or radiation) molecule chemical key does not break, does not decompose. Silicone is not only resistant to high temperatures, but also low temperatures, and can be used in a wide temperature range. Whether chemical or physical and mechanical, the temperature changes very little.

Splash-proof, multiple protection
In the smelting industry, the medium temperature in the electric furnace is very high, easy to form high temperature splash (the same is the welding industry), cooling solidification in the pipe or cable to form slag, will make the pipe or cable outer layer of rubber hardening, and eventually brittle rupture. In turn, damage to unprotected equipment and cables, through multiple silicone coated fire pipe, can achieve multiple safety protection, the maximum temperature can be up to 1300 degrees Celsius, can effectively block the sprinkling of hot melts such as molten iron, molten copper, molten aluminum, etc. , to prevent damage to surrounding cables and equipment.

Silicone Fireproof Sleeve