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Four methods for identifying the quality of spiral hose guar

The identification of the quality of the spiral hose guard mainly has the following reference standards:

1. Whether the spiral protective sleeve is wear-resistant depends on the material rather than the thickness. The polypropylene used in our material has higher crystallinity than other materials. At 1.9Mpa surface pressure, the disc-type friction tester continuously grinds 1000 kilometers or It only wears 0.5mm for 415 hours. In addition, the "Acrony abrasion test" can be used for testing. The test results, if the quality difference is less than 0.07, it is high quality; on the contrary, if the mass difference is greater than 0.07, the spiral protective cover is inferior and unqualified.

spiral hose guard

2. Tensile strength impact strength
High quality qualified spiral protective sleeve has good tensile strength and impact strength. The tensile strength at normal temperature is generally 25~30Mpa; the impact strength is generally: notch, 35KJ/M2 at normal temperature, 5KJ/M at -40°C/24h, impact strength (no gap): continuous.

spiral hose guard

3. UV resistance
The spiral protective sleeve has good UV resistance. The black spiral protective cover is produced with a certain ratio of carbon black to enhance the UV resistance of the spiral protective cover. This is why black spiral protective sleeves have better UV resistance than other color protective sleeves.

spiral hose guard

4. Antistatic properties
The spiral protective cover is mainly used for construction machinery and injection molding machine equipment such as excavators, loaders, road roller pavers, forklifts, cranes, pumping machinery, and cable protection. When working in a well or dry environment, consider using a spiral protective cover with strong antistatic properties. In order to enhance the antistatic performance of internal products such as hydraulic pipe fittings, it can provide better safety protection for hydraulic pipes in various harsh environments!