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What is the difference between a Spiral Hose Guard and a Spr

Spring Guard wire is relatively fine, large gaps, can not play a good protective role in the product, and in the process of hose friction, the wire will produce damage to the hose.
Spiral Hose Guard color diversity, also known as color Spiral Hose Guard, according to the use of occasions and hobbies to choose, its inside is flat, the outside is flat, there are arcs, according to the use of the environment to choose their own, package quality is very good, can be very good protection of internal products.

Spring Guard elasticity is super strong, stretch ingressing force is very good, but this is also its disadvantage, the larger the stretch, the greater the gap, the more the internal product does not play a protective role.
Spiral Hose Guard, the use of modified plastics, with good resistance to high and low temperature, oil, uv-resistant, anti-static, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, acid-base, anti-aging and other properties, at the same time has better elasticity and tensile, the internal products such as hose play a significant protective effect, at the same time easy to operate, easy to install.

What is the difference between a Spiral Hose Guard and a Spring Guard?