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How can I determine the wear resistance of a Spiral Hose Gua

Spiral Hose Guard were purchased to protect our hoses, so wear resistance has become one of the top issues for customers to consider.

So how do you distinguish the strength of wear resistance?

1. Many people say that wear resistance is related to thickness, is it that The thicker and more wear-resistant Spiral Hose Guard? In fact, it is not, because the wear resistance preferred depends on the composition and performance of the material. Orientflex produces premium Spiral Hose Guard, made from modified PP raw materials, which are ideal for wear and tear, corrosion resistance, with stable chemical properties and a harder, higher melting point than PE. So, the Spiral Hose Guard, produced with PP, is not thick, but it has absolute toughness, high strength (typically 85 to 90 degrees) and high wear resistance.

2, wear resistance and quality-independent sheath, will not increase with the quality of the increase. PP raw materials, because of the light quality, chemical stability, non-toxic harmless and other characteristics, the production of protective covers surface smooth, no bubbles, no shortage of materials, no cracks and burrs. 100% PP raw material material material, so that wear resistance increased by 10%, anti-aging performance improved by 5 years, on the contrary, poor quality sheath products doped a lot of recycled materials, not only uneven, toxic and harmful, noise, and the same number of meters than high-quality sheath much heavier.

3, Wear resistance and production process related to our company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, using retail winding qualitative extrusion process, assembly line production makes the quality of protective cases more stable, more accurate data, which increases elasticity by 20%, not easy to break.

How can I determine the wear resistance of a Spiral Hose Guard?