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What is a high-quality Spiral Hose Guard

1, what is the material used in the spiral protective sleeve? What are the characteristics of this material?
We produce the use of modified PP material, the use of advanced production technology, with environmental protection and non-toxic harmless, high temperature anti-freeze: can be used at 90 degrees C - minus 30 degrees C normal use, after modification wear is more superior!

2. What are the advantages of this spiral protective sleeve?
It has wear resistance to pressure, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-bite, easy to stretch, good elasticity, can be cut at will. The use of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic harmless color bright, can be cut at will, and easy to install, but also energy saving and environmental protection, so that you use electricity more safely and at ease.

3, The spiral protective sleeve in high temperature will not be used to melt or color will not occur?
Spiral protective sleeve using improved PP material, can withstand temperature slower than 90 degrees C, used in heating or other high temperature things completely no problem. In addition, in the high temperature exposure, the spiral protective sleeve products will be slightly faded, but does not affect normal use.

As China's leading manufacturer, we have advanced equipment, experienced engineers, to ensure product quality. Samples can be provided free of charge for your inspection.

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PP Spiral Hose Guard