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Three Applications Of Spiral Hose Guard

1. Household
Messy wires, easy to build ash is not good to clean, but also trip people cause harm; mice and pets like to bite the wire, fear of leakage is too dangerous, then need to use a spiral protective sleeve to protect the wire, this application is also commonly known as the wire protection sleeve.

2. Commercial use
Car wash frequent use, water pipes are towed around, especially in contact with the ground part, it is easy to wear and wear worn, an ordinary water pipe on hundreds or even more expensive, how to save money and effort? Water pipe protective covers to help, for everyone to save costs, but also add protection.
Gas stations, filling stations, oil pipes and trachea if damage is more dangerous, the use of pipe protective sleeves, wear-resistant, anti-aging performance can greatly reduce safety hazards.

3, industrial use
The hydraulic system of large machinery is like the heart of a machine, and the hose is like a blood vessel, only to ensure a steady stream of "blood" can ensure the normal operation of the machinery. The hose protective sleeve has wear-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-aging and other properties, in the process of use, can avoid the tube of direct sun aging, scratched by the sharp object and other accidents, for the operation of machinery to add a protective umbrella.